Music and sound effects creation for video games is not just a work. To create sound and music background for games one should be submerged like a diver into a game’s world atmosphere, it is important to warm to a role created by developers, to feel every moment of a game. And then full of positive emotions, we give free play to the images and pictures from within our subconscious and the work starts. This is the way to describe our activity.

We are in love with our work; we know way about gaming; we have knowledge and possess a treasure of game creation understanding; respect for customers; we quest for excellence and continuous cooperation ...

Strands of work:

  • original music creation for games;
  • sound effects design for games;
  • music and sound design for game/film trailers, cutscenes and other videos;
  • voiceover recording and editing (english/russian).

We guarantee:

  • individual approach to every project and a creative strategy for its realization;
  • fresh ideas put into music and sound background;
  • the result supreme quality.

Our clients:

MagicIndie Softworks | Zeptolab | Playrix Entertainment | DQ Team | Blue Brain Games | Aterdux Entertainment | Divmob | Eligraphics01Devs | Supermassy game | RocksplayGoya Games | Envisioned | Mad SwordDexTechnologyHidden Layer GamesYumasoft Inc | Weboplay | Tatem Games | Eforb | Gutenbergz | AtomicTorch StudioResonance Lab | Lazy Turtle Games | Bibagames | Bright Idea | TheBestUp | HakateamAlisa LLC | Pozirk Games | URSE gamesAveCreation